Diskuzní snídaně s Dominiquem Tissierem

Datum: 17/01/2019, 8:30 - 10:00
Místo konání: HubHub
Adresa: Na Příkopě 14, Praha 1,

1,500.00 Kč + DPH

Naše pozvání přijal Dominique Tissier, který působil 10 let ve společnosti Michelin na pozici Executive Viceprezident HR Development. Ve spolupráci s novým coworkingovým centrem HubHub připravujeme diskuzní snídani na téma EMPOWERMENT, RESPONSIBILITY & AUTONOMY.


V roce 2014 mu byl udělen titul “Trophée du Capital Humain” v kategorii „Learning Enterprise“ za jeho aktivity v Michelin.

The Discussion Breakfast will be in English.

The main point of the discussion

1. Michelin story on empowerment from 2008 to 2018 : Why empowerment ? What did we do ? For what results ?
2. Lessons from experience : key conditions for success.
3. Focus on the question of the role of managers, key issue for the success and the way we adressed it : What really means empowerment for managers ? What is the real added value of management ? How to help people grow and not feel useless ?
4. Key HR issues : compensation and benefits, recruitment, training.
5. Q&A

“Ten years ago, the Michelin Group, a 120 000 employees’ company, began its journey to empowerment in 70 plants around the world. The questions we had were the same many companies may have:
If you are good in organization, equipment’s, purchasing, supply chain, … what will make the difference if not the energy and professionalism of our people and our teams?
So we decided to make “empowerment pilots”, and watch the results, in different countries, different sizes of plants
Looking at the results, we decided to make it a global project and get amazing results.” Dominique Tissier

Key definitions

Empowerment means ability to take initiatives and solve as a team day to day issues. Meaning that the team has skills and resources to do it

Seeking for empowerment drives quickly to increasing the autonomy of our people and our teams. Autonomy is the willingness and ability to be professionals, to address with speed and agility day to day issues, to ask for help from experts for complex issues and to contribute significantly to progress and innovation.

Responsibility and accountability (the second being stronger than the first !) means that you will not be judged by how you follow orders but how you understand the frame, the objectives, and find solutions to proactively reach these goals. It also means that you will receive your share of the success (meaning bonuses, company shares,…)

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Termín: 17/01/2019, 8:30 - 10:00

Místo konání: HubHub

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