Project in Digital and Internet Literacy

The IN(ternet) Generation project is the first nation-wide project aimed at digital and internet literacy, which connects elementary school pupils, elementary schools, teachers and parents. ELAI started this project in May 2013 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

About the In(ternet) – Generation Project

The IN-Generation project focuses predominantly on the following topics: digital world around us, digital footprint, online identity, communication online, dealing with online advertisement, effective searching on the internet, responsible and ethical behavior on the Internet and internet safety.

The IN-Generation project takes place directly at elementary schools around the Czech Republic. To schools, the project offers the following:

  • Educational materials for pupils, teachers and parents
  • Interactive multimedia educational programmes
  • Seminars and workshops for children, teachers and parents
  • Participation in project days and other activities based on the use of online tools
  • Presentation of students‘ and school project on the YouTube Channel of the project
  • Cooperation in creating of educational materials
  • Sharing of experiences, findings related to internet digital literacy through the online club space for connected schools.

To find out what is currently taking place in the IN(ternet) Generation project you can see our Google+ profile page, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

“I believe that one of the most interesting and helpful activities for strengthening internet literacy of pupils in primary education.” Petr Fiala, chairman of the ODS political party. The project is also supported by Rudolf Haňka, head scientific adviser to the Czech government, Michal Mejstřík, Pavel Kohout a Tomáš Sedláček, member of the NERV association, and David Marek, lead economist at Patria Finance.

Information for the media can be found on the In(ternet) generation website at:

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