Supporting Poets Worldwide
Poetizer a free mobile app, launched on March 21, 2015, is designed to support and encourage people who write, perform, or just love poetry. We want to get more people interested and excited about this art form. And provide a way for creatives to receive real feedback from others in the community.


  • because we believe that creativity is the bedrock of innovative thinking
  • because we want to draw attention to and nurture talent here and abroad
  • because it’s notoriously difficult for artistic endeavors in general, and particularly in poetry, to find support for and to sustain their works. Poetizer is our contribution to this issue


To this end, we are focused on supporting and cooperating with global poetry initiatives which use poetry

  • to encourage creative self-expression
  • as the basis for educational programs
  • as a tool for healing/therapeutic purposes

More than an app, Poetizer is a tool for the poetry community to promote encouragement and support of new and established talent. We are actively developing cooperations with poetry initiatives, schools and non-profits across the globe to promote poets and poetry. Get in touch – we’d love you to get involved. Email us at info@poetizer.cz.

Poetizer Events
I. As part of our domestic campaign to promote poetry, we held the first award recognizing talent in contemporary Czech poetry. It was a way to thank the poetry community and also a way to encourage the writing of more great verse in the Czech language. We also just thought it would be fun.

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1st place: Iveta Komárková
2nd place: Marcela Karbanová
3rd place: Ondřej Soldan

Click here to follow us on our facebook page and check daily updates for more information.

II. On Saturday 21. 3. 2015, International Poetry Day, we officially launched Poetizer in the Museum of Czech Literature. The event was attended by established and new poets alike, with performances showcasing a mixture of classical and popular forms of poetry.

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