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An integral part of ELAI’s activities are its projects in the support of education in the Czech Republic, as well as ELAI’s projects in supporting entrepreneurship, start-ups, creativity and innovation. Our goals are aimed at supporting the development of both individuals and society as a whole.

In the field of education we have a series of ongoing and finished projects. In October 2013 we launched a nation-wide project at elementary schools under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport which is aimed at supporting digital and internet literacy under the banner of the “IN(ternet) Generation.” This project seeks to strengthen the effective and safe use of the internet, including digital and communication technologies. This project is supported by Google CR, Prestigio and Vodafone. The goals of In(ternet) Generation are to support and educate schools, pupils, educators and parents in their awareness of what happens on the internet, and how to take advantage of the internet to have meaningful interactions. The project connects children from elementary schools, teachers, and parents, and provides exercises and lessons that they can complete at home and many other activities. Detailed information about the project and how to connect can be found on the IN(internet) Generation website.
With our main partners,  KPMG, and in cooperation with the Oxford & Cambridge Alumni Society and other student groups we organize seminars over the course of the academic year at post-secondary schools for a project titled “Yes You Should!”. This project is also being undertaken under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. During the seminars, successful alumni of primarily world-class Anglo Saxon schools, give lectures to students on the entire process of studying abroad. They talk about looking for schools, the application process and searching for financing options. As well, they give practical advice for studying abroad and talk about their own experiences. Emphasis is placed on the impact that your education has on your career prospects. To find out more about the Yes You Should! program see the project webpage and facebook profile.
A similar project was successfully completed at high schools in all regions of the Czech Republic. Our lecturers, current students or alumni of prestigious universities, gave talks to high school students sharing advice and experiences with studying abroad. Students were encouraged to feel self-confident and motivated to apply to the best universities in the world, and were given practical advice on the different aspects of the application process, above all else, the opportunities to obtain financing for their studies. This project was sponsored by the  Bakala Foundation, which helps talented and motivated Czech students support in obtaining the best education.
In the area of supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and startups ELAI has become the official host organization for the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) event in the Czech Republic. This event takes place every year in the third week of November. It is one of the largest worldwide events supporting entrepreneurship and startups. GEW activities take place in more than 140 countries and are supported by a large number of interesting personalities. The goals of GEW in the Czech Republic is to motivate young people to begin entrepreneurship activities and establish startups, supporting the growth of small Czech firms to move into international marketplaces, and to introduce the entrepreneurial mindset into the education system and reducing barriers to entrepreneurship. ELAI organizes its own GEW events as well as coordinating activities and events put on by other partners. Find more information on: Global Entrepreneurship Week and on our Facebook profile.
Aside from ELAI’s own projects, ELAI was a project partner for supporting women’s entrepreneurship, which took place October 2012 – May 2013. The project “Independent women” – Start-up CYRRUS ADVISORY was targeted at women who were looking for ways of turning their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. The project offered a motivational-educational program whose goal it was to help women become independent in the workforce and to start their own business.
For more information visit the webpages of the projects discussed or contact Michaela Graeberová at: graeberova (at)

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